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Discover Harmony Here

March 11, 2019

Explore life-life balance in apartments in Navy Yard DC.

Harlow in Harmony

One of the first things you’ll notice about Harlow is that there’s a sense of balance woven throughout the entire apartment experience. For every yin there is a yang, for every moment of activity there is an opportunity for relaxation. This, in conjunction with a truly fabulous neighborhood, helps to make a truly harmonious lifestyle possible.

Simply walking through Harlow, you’ll get a sense of the thoughtful planning and attention to detail that went into creating the spaces. From the materials, a mix of organic and man-made elements crafted into the contemporary design, to the way light and shadow plays in the building, Harlow was created to be a beautiful backdrop for all the moments in life.

Host a few friends in your apartment, or a few more in the social lounge, tune your physical instrument in the fabulous fitness center, splash away stress in the rooftop dipping pool, or just relax overlooking DC from the lounge. Each space can be the perfect space for your day. It’s just the way things work at Harlow.


Harmony by the Waterfront

One of the unmistakably nice things about living at Harlow is the location. A mix of tranquility and liveliness fills our community between Canal Park, the waterfront and the urban surroundings of DC.

Navy Yard is stocked with just the right assortment of restaurants, from fast casual to fine dining and including nearly every cuisine you could ask for. Within these restaurants, you’ll find that a thread of harmony runs throughout them, too. Take Takorean, an unlikely fusion of Korean and Mexican foods that elevates the two cuisines to create something that doesn’t seem like it should work. But it does, and it works deliciously. You’ll find these synergies all throughout this area, from the experimental ales at Bluejacket, to the sublime seafood at Whaley’s and The Salt Line. One of the best parts about living at Harlow is the freedom to explore this exciting and vibrant neighborhood that keeps growing and finding new ways to excite the area’s residents.

Oversleeping, missing the train, getting stuck in traffic, nothing can throw you off balance quite the way having a rough morning can. While a life at Harlow can’t make traffic disappear or get you up in the morning, it does offer amazing apartments that will make you look forward to waking up in them. It also puts you steps away from the Navy Yard Metro station so there’s less stress in making that short walk, or run, to catch a train. A home that offers a smooth trip to work is invaluable to a peaceful mind.

Beyond the daily grind, you’re graced with a myriad of spots to find your own little piece of peace near Harlow, from the park to the waterfront and everywhere in-between. It’s there just waiting for you.


Perfect Pairings by Harlow

Some things just go together. Some so well, it’s as if they were made for each other. Just like Harlow’s spaces, these things find the right balance of diverse elements to make them shine.

Fire + Ice

Come March 20, it will officially be spring in DC. The air is crisp and trees bud then flower. It’s a beautiful time to live by the waterfront. What pairs better with the warm sun on your face than an ice cream cone? Head over to Ice Cream Jubilee to pick up your favorite flavor or step out and try one of their more experimental offerings and stroll through Yards Park.

Dog + Park

Even pets can sense when things feel right. Your furry best friend will most definitely love living next to a park to take walks whenever. Canal Park is an ideal spot for a short jaunt with Fido, or for a longer excursion, venture to the waterfront and ramble along the river. You’ll both get more out of these walks together than you can imagine.


Classic + Modern

Wine and cheese is a classic combination. Bowers Fancy Dairy Products in Eastern Market has served the District since 1964, selling wonderful butter, milk cheeses and accoutrements. District Winery is relatively new to DC, but this boutique urban winery offers up a wide variety of wines and a wonderful location that overlooks the river. Take your tastes to this blend of old and new DC purveyors and they can help you create the perfect pairing for a everything from a party to a picnic.

It’s easier to find harmony in your days when it surrounds you. Take a tour of Harlow and you’ll see what we mean.