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Celebrate Originality in DC

February 12, 2019

Believe in Harlow, boutique apartments in Navy Yard DC.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in a promise of something new and great. Luckily with Harlow, all you need to do is see it to believe it. And seeing it is easy enough since our community is centrally located, just about a block away from the Navy Yard Metro in Southeast DC.

What Makes Harlow Original?

In a word…outlook. Our location right across from Canal Park offers a fresh view to your world every time you venture out into DC. You are greeted with an open greenspace, reaffirming a connection to nature that can get lost in a bustling city like DC. The building itself is the perfect size, big enough to have all the essential amenities, but small enough to have a warm and welcoming community feel every time you come home. Harlow has found a way to blend the feel of a parkside retreat and urban living into a place that feels comfortable and cozy, yet still be stylish and invigorating. It’s no small task, but through a blend of rich textures, natural materials and elegant amenities, Harlow creates a home to enjoy boutique living at its best.

You won’t find another apartment in DC that offers quite the same mix of access, boutique size, and community feel, but DC is filled with shops, restaurants, products and more that showcase a similar spirit. Every month, we’re going to highlight things in DC that live up to a higher standard, like Harlow does for apartment living. Our first is…


Recognizing Another DC Original

Infused with sunlight streaming in through giant warehouse windows, Bluejacket is a true original and a haven for beer lovers in Southeast DC. Each of their handcrafted beers is a testament to trying new things, expanding horizons and enjoying life at its best. This outlook fits hand-in-hand with our goal to create a home that offers the same. So, in honor of originality, we humbly offer the list below of Harlow’s favorites from Bluejacket.

Bluejacket by Harlow


roasty & dark | abv 7.5%

Nestle in to a spiced stout brewed with vanilla beans, ancho chili peppers, cinnamon sticks & cacao nibs. It makes the perfect companion to Harlow’s comfortable chairs in front of the clubroom fire on a chilly winter day.



crisp + subtle hoppiness | abv 5.1%

With thoughts of spring around the corner and lounging in tranquility by a sun-drenched pool, this aromatically-charged lager with clean and crisp aromas of lemongrass, lychee and New Zealand sauvignon blanc would compliment activity, or relaxation, on the Harlow sundeck.



bold & herbal | abv 7.0%

Grassy and earthy hops bring natural splendor to your senses.  The deep golden-hued nectar with notes of floral citrus flavors are reminiscent of the dappled light through the trees just across from Harlow in Canal Park



Brilliantly diverse, a mix of fresh and aged, ever-changing and more importantly delectably delicious in every bite. You can’t go wrong with a hand-selected assortment of morsels from the creative and knowledgeable minds at Bluejacket.


Visit us both

Take a trip down to the waterfront, take a tour of Harlow, then stop by Bluejacket to take it all in.